Your 911 Address

Why is a 911 address important?

Proper addresses for homes, businesses and other structures are critical for emergency service providers. In order to properly locate where a 911 call originates, we must be able to identify the structure with its proper address. If you do not have a correct address, it is very difficult to locate your residence or business in an emergency.

How are 911 addresses assigned?

The Morgan County Emergency Management Communication District (MCEMCD) has been designated by the Morgan County Commission as the addressing authority for Morgan County, including Eva, Falkville, Priceville, Somerville, and Trinity. The Decatur Planning Department and the Hartselle Planning Department assign addresses within those two city limits.

Where should I post my 911 address?

Your address should be posted at your driveway, visible from both directions of travel. It is preferable that the numbers be at least 3 inches tall and reflective to ensure they are visible at night from the road for emergency responders. In an emergency, every second counts and visible addressing saves responders time when locating your home or business.

Do you have to come to my location to assign the address?

In order to assign a new address, we must come to your location and take a measurement from the beginning of the road to your driveway to determine your new address. Even numbers are assigned to one side of the road, odd numbers to the other. Our mapping vehicle is equipped with a device that does the measurement for us.

How do I get a 911 address?

You must first complete the Address Request Application.
• Your driveway must be marked to receive your address.
• Morgan County 911 will provide a stake to mark your driveway location.
• Stakes are available at our office at 4216 Highway 31 S in Decatur during business hours from 8 AM to 4 PM.


Address Request Application Form

If you choose to submit your address application via the U.S. Postal service, email, or fax, you will need to place a marker on the driveway of the property needing an address. We request that you take a wooden stake, write 911 on it, and place it on the corner of the driveway. Failure to do so may cause a delay in the assignment of your address.

Addresses are assigned on Thursdays of each week. Applications must be received by mail or returned to the 911 office before 8:00 AM on Thursday for address assignment. Forms received after that time will be moved to the schedule for the following week.